MDI offers Original Song Development/Music Production, and Multi- Media Services for aspiring and also established recording artists. We provide top-of-the-line industry writers, producers and musicians for recordings giving artists the competitive and top-notch edge to create potential hit records. MDI is known for its stellar artist development, multi-platinum songwriting and production team that is devoted to helping new and established artists achieve their goals in the music industry.


MDI Pre-Production – this is highly recommended for our younger/new artists Artists are introduced into the beginning process of songwriting for their genre through recording cover songs while exploring different genres and techniques. Whether it’s a simple acoustic sound or a full music track, this style comes to light in this pre-production service. During the pre-production process, their producer will start preparing the artist in the genre and help develop the unique sound that best suits the artist. In our Pre-Production we also do Original Song Development: This is where the artist can get professionally produced, original master recordings written, arranged and produced for them or with them.

Music Production (Recording, Mixing and Mastering) This is our final Audio service that finishes our artist’s Audio Development. Depending on our artist’s level and previous experience, there are different approaches to Music Production. If an artist has demos of their original song(s), we take the demos and turn them into radio ready master recordings in our professional-grade digital and analog recording studio. An artist might want to start from our previous service, Pre-Production, and work alongside our producers to develop a ready-to-record song. After your song is produced the next step is mixing and mastering – right before it is released. After mixing and mastering your recording is ready for release. Our producers start the production with the goal and style of the artist in mind. This creates the best atmosphere for the artist/producer relationship.


Music Video Development and Production MDI also offers Music Video Development and Production. MDI staff and its video production team help to bring artists’ songs to life, visually with state-of-the art equipment and an industry camera crew. MDI is known for creating and enhancing artists’ vision with hands-on collaboration, instruction, and guidance throughout the music video process, from the initial storyboard and productions meetings to filming to the final cut.

Photography There are multiple options for our photography services. From basic photographers to our top-of-the-line professionals, we provide the connections to create the best photo shoot possible for your needs and budget. Our photo shoots aim to create ready-to-release album covers that will be used for our Digital Distribution and overall presence of the artist.


Marketing and Distribution

MDI offers consulting for strategic marketing and music distribution. MDI can assist artists with this next step and gear them in the right direction because of its major success and connections in the music world.

Soft Digital Release Package This option is best for younger and newer artists. This package allows a new artist to start their promotion at their own pace. We, at MDI, feel that this is a very realistic and healthy approach for a young artist to enter into the music industry. MDI helps you with this exciting step by getting you on iTunes, Amazon and tons of other online recording stores as well as helping set up your social media accounts.

Full Digital Worldwide Release We’ll connect you with a major marketing music company that promotes new artists and established stars. They handle the artist’s digital distribution setup which allows artists to launch their music to iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio and dozens more. Working with this company you are constantly getting exposed to the music business and the entire world. Included in this package is Social Media Marketing. It is a major player in the marketing of artists and their music. We setup Social Media profiles for their image and/or connect them to a Social Media Marketing company that promotes new artists on all outlets while boosting their followers and online presence.



Payment is made prior to all services via credit card or check.

Audio Services – all services can include producer, engineer, writer, coaches, studio time

  • Preproduction or Original Song Development, $200/hour
  • Recording, $150/hour
  • Includes engineer and studio time
  • Production, $1000-$2500/song – fees vary depending on producer and complexity of production
  • Mixing and Mastering, $400/song
  • (Our mixing engineers are Grammy nominated and holdMulti-Platinum records)

Visual Services

  • Music Video, $500-$3000, fees vary depending on videographer and complexity of project
  • Photography, $150-$1000, fees vary depending on photographer and complexity of project

Marketing, Social Media , Worldwide Digital Marketing and Distribution

  • Marketing, Social Media , Worldwide Digital Marketing and Distribution Consultation (a Media Marketing! ! do-it-yourself, but with help from the pros), $150/hourand Distribution or
  • Worldwide Digital Marketing and Distribution Full Service (sit backand relax, we’ll hook you up), estimated $200-$1000/release, prices vary case by case (Variables include: single vs. albums, legal fees, licensing contracts, etc.)
  • Soft Release Package – $500/release, this includes consultation throughout process.
  • * Any cover songs will need Mechanical Licenses to be released to the public. We will connect you to the attorney and go through the legal steps with you. Legal fees not included in this price.
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