Melody Makers, Inc. is the sister company to MDI and is best known for it’s very popular Young Artist Development Program! Melody Makers was established in Orange County Ca in 2009 and is a very legitimate artist development program that specializes in nurturing young aspiring recording artists & performers.

Whether you’re looking to simply expand your child’s music appreciation or supporting your child to cross over to Melody Makers pro-recording sister company, Music Development Inc., (MDI) Melody Makers offers an exciting and healthy environment.

The sister company, MDI allows young artists to audition, record in a state-of-the-art digital recording studio and collaborate with “hit” songwriters/producers and then launch their music to iTunes, Amazon and 30+ online record stores.

MDI, the pro-recording sister company brings LA to Orange County – but without the “typical” scene that parents are concerned about exposing their kids and teens to.  Melody Makers & MDI believe children should stay children as long as they can. In answer to this MDI creates, develops, features and distributes clean, positive and very “hip” Pop Original Copyrights targeted to the youth & family markets.

What sets Melody Makers apart is their dedication to keep young artists true to who they are rather then cutting them into a generic mold while maintaining a caring and fun atmosphere.

Melody Makers offers exclusive member-based sessions that focus on the artists development in voice, instruments, choreography and more

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